TiO2 - Free Coated Tablets

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Looking for a TiO2 - free coating system?
The use of TiO2 (E171) free coatings systems is gaining more interest in the pharmaceutical industry, especially after the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) concluded that TiO2 can no longer be considered as a safe food additive. There are alternatives, which cannot be considered as direct replacements but that show promising results for pharma and nutra applications.

IMCD has conducted many in-house studies and is happy to support identifying the right TiO2-free coating solutions for your product and support you in any formulations or process-related challenge, both with our ready-to-use product portfolio and our solution-oriented process suggestions. What we investigated and found:

  • Depending on the film forming polymer used, pigment loads of up to 60% were investigated.
  • The pigment performance is dependent on the pigment load and weight gain.
  • Pigment combinations were evaluated to check synergistic effect on the whiteness.
  • When used at low weight gain, the coating polymers give different levels of whiteness. 
  • Care needs to be taken when preparing and operating the coating dispersion, especially with high pigment loads.
  • Using a ready-to-use TF dispersion is often the easiest solution.