Urea Cream

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Looking for a solution for dry skin?

Eczema is a condition in which patches of skin become inflamed, itchy, cracked, and rough. Some types can also cause blisters. Many people use the word eczema when referring to atopic dermatitis, which is the most common type. The prevalence of atopic dermatitis has increased two to three-fold in recent decades. Atopic dermatitis is seen in approximately 10% to 30% of children and 2% to 10% of adults in developed countries.


The main goal of treatment is eliminating the itching, which in turn worsens into other symptoms. IMCD has developed an effective moisturising cream for the treatment of mild atopic dermatitis that is applicable for all age groups. 

Concept Highlights
  • The texture characteristics proved essential for increased compliance when treating eczema and similar skin conditions – good spreadability, fast absorption and low tackiness.
  • Correct choice of excipients and order of addition are crucial for this formulation.
  • Stability was additionally evaluated via centrifugation, micrographs and globule size distribution. These parameters also benefited from the the synergistic ingredients.