Process Breakthrough Makes Fumed Silica Easy-to-Disperse

Process Breakthrough Makes Fumed Silica Easy-to-Disperse

The field of coatings technology has utilized many forms of fumed silica in the last 70 years. Due to highly adaptable surfaces and structure, numerous grades have been developed over the decades to provide functional solutions to many coating problems. Successful use of technology is contingent on adequate dispersion, which often requires some type of milling technology. Now, an innovative downstream process breakthrough has created an easy-to-disperse fumed silica design on an experimental scale to enable formulators to use technology without the need for high intensity milling.

This presentation will compare performance using both forms of dispersion; standard high speed dissolver type compared to bead-mill type to demonstrate the easy-to-disperse innovation.

Key Benefits
  • Eliminates need for high intensity milling

  • Reduced energy consumption (for paint producer)

  • Enables post-addition for rheology adjustment

  • Same rheology performance and compatibility in coatings systems as traditional grades